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  • 3. Gaytorrent.ru does not attempt to determine which torrents may link to copyrighted material on a Users computer and which torrents may link to material which may be freely used by the User. Gaytorrent.ru cannot be held responsible for what its Users transfer due to the fact they have no control over the material contained in the User's computer.
  • 4. Gaytorrent.ru encourages the User to verify the copyright status of any material. We are not copyright lawyers nor law enforcement agents so it is outside our capabilities to determine the copyright status of the content of material to which the torrent may link. Users may not use this site to distribute any material they do not have the legal right to do so. It is the sole responsibility of the User to adhere to these terms.
  • 5. Consequently, Gaytorrent.ru makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the content of any material on a User's computer to which a torrent may link, including any warranty of ownership, non-infringement of copyright or any other rights of others. Gaytorrent.ru opposes any transmission of any material in violation of any applicable intellectual property law, copyright or regulation.
  • 6. Gaytorrent.ru allows torrents to be posted on this website for criticism and comments by the User posting the torrent, or for criticism and comments by others familiar with the material to which the torrent links.
  • 7. If an individual or organization believes that a torrent links to copyrighted material on a User's computer, please contact the Webmaster by e-mail as to these concerns.
  • 8. As Gaytorrent.ru does not knowingly allow the posting of torrents that link to copyrighted materials, it is the responsibility of the party opposing the posting of a particular torrent to verify that the material is copyrighted and that they represent the copyright holder.
  • 9. After a determination by Gaytorrent.ru can be made that the torrent may link to copyrighted material, the torrent will be removed as a courtesy.
  • 10. Gaytorrent.ru's removal of a torrent shall not act as an admission of copyright infringement. Removal is done as a response to courteous requests by proper parties.
  • 11. Discourteous contact, threats or intimidation will be assumed by Gaytorrent.ru to be indicative of unsubstantiated claims. The claims made in such a fashion will be ignored.
  • 12. In good faith, Gaytorrent.ru declares that its operation complies with Federal Copyright Fair Use guidelines.

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